History of the Village

Millbury was surveyed by R.B. Willison, and the plat was recorded on April 14, 1864. When the northern branch of the Lake Shore or Sandusky road was surveyed, the C&T railroad Company named the crossing of the southern branch in Clay Township and Ottawa county named Clay Junction. As the Sandusky branch was completed the railroad company sent two employees by the names of milo Gage and George Hewitt to attend the railroad switch. As the areas population began to grow in size a question was raised to petition for a post office about 1856. George Hewitt proposed the name Millbury after a city of the same name near Boston Massachusetts, while the resident in the region wanted it to be named Mark Lane after an English grain market. Representatives of both proposed names got together and left the decision to a flip of a coin. Heads was Millbury and tails was Mark Lane, when the coin was flipped and heads won. On June 1, 1874 a petition by the residents was introduced to create the incorporation of the village of Millbury. The petition was granted September 4, 1874